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So now that there are fair number of paintings in the gallery, it's time to declare the official opening of epic-skills! However, the group still lacks members! Anyone can join this group! And the more the merrier. :D

So what makes this group so different from other groups collecting amazing art? There are a few things:

1) Finished artwork is not the only work that can be submitted! Anything from sketches to final result is allowed. If it shows your skillage, we want it!

2) Occasionally artwork will be rejected. It's a shame but there is a standard to uphold. However, a number of the rejected works will be featured as Honorable Mentions in the Favorites. The artwork will be featured for three days before being removed to allow for new art. So even if your art doesn't make it into the gallery, you will still get some recognition. (This idea is experimental, so if you have any suggestions feel to to share.)

Thanks, everyone!
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Submitted on
November 29, 2012


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